Directions to Visitor Parking Lot and CSHCN

On Campus from the North Gate to Visitor Parking

outside north gate

When you enter Campus Drive through the North Gate (red brick wall and gate house), stay in the right lane.

inside north gate

Turn right at the first yield sign onto Paint Branch Drive.

Paint Branch near the wind tunnel

Proceed to the stop sign at Paint Branch Drive and Stadium Drive.

Paint Branch near the Annex

Continue straight through intersection at stop sign. The A.V. Williams Building and the Engineering Annex Building will be on your right. Parking Lot G will be on your left.

Visitor parking

At the next stop sign, the Visitor Parking Lot will be on your left. Turn left then immediately right into the Visitor Parking Lot.


On Campus from Visitor Parking to CSHCN

A.V. Williams Annex

Once you've parked your car, cross Paint Branch Drive at the crosswalk. Directly in front of you is a multi-story brick and concrete building. This is the north wing of the A.V. Williams Building. To the right of this wing is a service parking lot, and to the right of the service parking lot is a single-story brick building. This is the Engineering Annex Building, where CSHCN is located.

service parking

Walk along the sidewalk past the handicapped and service parking spaces and toward the A.V. Williams main entrance.

CSHCN door

The entrance to CSHCN is located around the corner of the Engineering Annex Building and is across from the A.V. Williams main entrance.


CSHCN invited guests: Please remember to bring your ticket with you from the Visitor Parking Lot so that your ticket can be validated.

For more information, contact CSHCN at (301) 405-7900.