Research Opportunities

Students interested in the following topics are invited to join The Maryland Hybrid Networks Center (HyNet):


Opportunities in the Hybrid Networks Lab

Hybrid Networks Laboratory (HyNet) is part of the Institute for Systems Research. HyNet brings together faculty from Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and the School of Business to carry out research on a variety of topics related to communications networks and their applications. Research topics include security in communication networks; Internet over satellite; wireless and ad hoc networks; Internet traffic patterns; free-space optics and air traffic control systems.

Positions Available

The Hybrid Networks Laboratory is part of HyNet and carries out research in most of the above areas.


Opportunities in the Administrative Offices

Occassionally, HyNet has opportunities for part-time, hourly student assistants. The nature of the work is to provide general office support to HyNet staff in day-to-day operations.