Hybrid Networks Laboratory(HNL)

The computing facilities at the Hybrid Networks Laboratory include a lab of Sun Sparcstations and Windows NT machines. Networks using ATM, satellites, and wireless ethernet have been set up for researching and testing purposes. The research facilities also include other telecommunication equipment on the leading edge of technology.

Located in the Engineering Annex Building, Room 0200.

Intelligent Optics Laboratory (IOL)

The Intelligent Optics Laboratory provides new research opportunities and unique expertise in the growing area of controllable optical systems. Wavefront control principles, techniques and applications -- the key IOL research emphasis -- are equally important for laser technology, optical imaging, fiber and free-space optical communications, microscopy, astronomy, and a number of other industrial, medical and military applications.

The IOL at UMCP is a "spin-off" laboratory from the Army Research Laboratory. The facilities of ARL are potentially available for joint research and student projects.

Systems Engineering and Integration Lab(SEIL)

The SEIL is part of eight constituent and five affiliated laboratories of the Institute for Systems Research. The SEIL team offers the knowledge and the experience in providing the academics and research credentials to successful future professionals. With strong industry support and affiliates, SEIL provides the tools and the insight of tomorrow's industrial needs. The SEIL motto is to provide the industry with the best graduates in Systems Engineering across the nation and abroad.