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"It is the fundamental vision of this proposal that certain industry forces are driving the convergence of satellite and terrestrial communications technologies just as over the past decade we witnessed the convergence of computers and communications. And similar to the convergence of computers and communications, the convergence of satellite and terrestrial technologies will be a phenomenon of immense proportions."

-- from the Executive Summary of the proposal to establish the Center for Satellite and Hybrid Communications Networks. June 21, 1991

The Maryland Hybrid Networks Center (HyNet) is in the forefront of a crucial convergence of satellite and terrestrial communications technologies. Driven by worldwide social and economic forces and new mass markets, this convergence is generating more powerful and more flexible hybrid networks to meet the communication challenges of the next century.

HyNet is actively investigating interoperable hybrid networks that seamlessly link new satellite and wireless systems with cellular, cable, Internet and telephone networks schematic. Global in scope and capable of transmitting high data rate multimedia, these hybrid networks cost-effectively solve many of today's communications problems. Hybrid networks will be essential to attaining the vision of a national information infrastructure that provides affordable services to everyone. As a NASA sponsored Commercial Space Center, our mission is to form partnerships with industry to transform our concepts for hybrid networks into profitable business ventures. Each dollar of NASA support to the HyNet is leveraged by industry and academia; generating two to three times the initial investment.

The HyNet stimulates a cooperative product development effort with industry by utilizing its resource of university engineers, scientists and students in conjunction with NASA, DoD, State and University funding. To ensure that we successfully blend business know-how into our projects, the Center relies on the advice of our Industry Advisory Board. This distinguished group of industry leaders focuses the direction of the Center toward hybrid network products that will have immediate commercial applications. With growing support and involvement from industry partners, we are advancing the commercial development of high quality, affordable hybrid communication networks.

Perhaps the greatest need of our industry partners is the need for expertly trained, market ready manpower in the field of information technology. The HyNet is actively working to produce such professionals to fulfill the great demand of the U.S. telecommunications industry. The students will utilize their full knowledge and expertise when they are hired permanently after graduation -- the most direct form of technology transfer.