Directions to University of Maryland from Points North

-- also available in PDF

Take I-95 South towards Washington, D.C. Just after the Calverton exit sign, I-95 will split: I-95 South/I-495 East will bear left from the two left lanes and I-495 West will bear right from the two right lanes. Head towards the I-495 West exit staying in the left lane of the two far right lanes. Follow exit sign towards College Park. Continue in left lane and take exit towards College Park. In essence, you will be going straight. You will not go left towards I-95 South/I-495 East nor will you go right towards I-495 West. You will loop around and get back onto I-95 South/I-495 East. Stay to the right and take Exit 25B for Route 1 South towards College Park.

Proceed approximately two miles South on Route 1 (Baltimore Boulevard). At the traffic light at the North Gate (red brick wall and gate house), turn right onto Campus Drive.

For more information, contact CSHCN at (301) 405-7900.