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January, 1998

John BarasWhen The Maryland Hybrid Networks Center (HyNet) was established in 1991, it began with a vision of the convergence of various modes of communication, telephone, cable, wireless and satellite. Since then, the HyNet has worked with engineers and strategists from both industry and government to develop research and development projects to achieve that vision. Hybrid networks, as we predicted, are rapidly being established as the only economically and technologically feasible evolution path toward the National and Global Information Infrastructures (NII/GII).

The HyNet has had many successes. These successes are, in large part, due to the talents of HyNet participating faculty, the contributions made by our industrial partners and co-workers, an outstanding technical and administrative staff and our graduate students who are forging ahead with new approaches to tackling difficult problems. I would like to thank all of the HyNet faculty and staff, and the faculty and staff of the Institute for Systems Research, our parent organization, for their contributions toward the establishment of the Center for Satellite and Hybrid Communication Networks. A special word of gratitude goes to the members of our Industry Advisory Board who have offered their advice and helped us to focus our program to achieve the success and recognition that we enjoy today.

Now that the center has been established and successful partnerships with industry have been demonstrated, it is time to strengthen those existing partnerships and build new ones to achieve a stronger alliance and utilize leveraged resources to the benefit of all of our members. I look forward to this time of increased growth and opportunity and I welcome the change and new ideas that will result over the months to come.

Dr. John Baras, Director