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Multi-Point Communication Networks / Ad Hoc Networks

Internet Over Broadband Hybrid Networks

High Data Rate Satellite Networks and NASA Missions

Modulation, Coding and Interference Cancellation in Satellite and Hybrid Networks

Hybrid Network Control

Satellite Traffic Modeling and On-Board Switch Design

Modeling, Simulation and Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Networks

Automated Monitoring and Management of Hybrid Broadband Networks

Multi-Point Communication Networks / Ad Hoc Networks


NASA enterprises have increasing need for fixed and/or mobile point to multi-point or multi-point to multi-point communications among sensors, robots and spacecraft Multi-spacecraft constellations to study the sun-earth interactions, interplanetary environment, Earth observations Networked sensors on remote sites on ground to collect data and then transmit the data directly to users via satellites Optimum design of protocols and network technologies a challenge.


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John Baras, Scott Corson, Michael Hadjitheodosiou, Stuart Milner, Nicholas Roussopuoulos


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