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Recent Technical Reports Authored or Co-Authored by Prof. S. Raghavan

Papers resulting from CSHCN-related research are periodically added to the Institute for Systems Research Technical Report Database where they can be browsed by year or searched by author or keywords.


An Evolutionary Approach to the Multi-Level Capacitated Minimum Spanning Tree Problem (CSHCN TR 2002-10) by Ioannis Gamvros, S. Raghavan, Bruce Golden

Capacitated network design is a crucial problem to telecommunications network planners. In this paper we consider the Multi-Level Capacitated Minimum Spanning Tree Problem (MLCMST), a generalization of the well-known Capacitated Minimum Spanning Tree Problem. We present a genetic algorithm, based on the notion of grouping, that is quite effective in solving large-scale problems to within 10% of optimality.


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