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Recent Technical Reports Authored or Co-Authored by Dinesh Dharmaraju (M.S. 2002)

Papers resulting from CSHCN-related research are periodically added to the Institute for Systems Research Technical Report Database where they can be browsed by year or searched by author or keywords.


INORA- A Unified Signaling cum Routing Mechanism for QoS Support in Mobile Adhoc Networks (CSHCN TR 2002-2) by Dinesh Dharmaraju, Pedram Hovareshti, Ayan Roy-Choudhary

Mobile Adhoc Networks are characterized by bandwidth constrained wireless links, multiple hops and highly dynamic topologies. Thus, providing QoS support in MANETs is a challenging task. This paper presents the design, implementation and evaluation of a network layer QoS support mechanism which makes use of the INSIGNIA inband signaling mechanism and TORA routing protocol for MANETs. TORA provides multiple routes between a given source and destination. We present an effective coupling between TORA and INSIGNIA to get routes that are "best-able" to provide QoS requirements for a flow. INORA also combines congestion control with routing.


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