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Recent Technical Reports Authored or Co-Authored by Prof. Anthony Ephremides

Papers resulting from CSHCN-related research are periodically added to the Institute for Systems Research Technical Report Database where they can be browsed by year or searched by author or keywords.


Routing Session Traffic in Fixed All-Wireless Networks under Energy and Bandwidth Limitations (CSHCN TR 2001-9) by Anastassios Michail and Anthony Ephremides

In this paper we study the effects of limited bandwidth resources in the development of energy-efficient routing algorithms for connection-oriented traffic in fixed wireless ad-hoc networks. A frequency division multiple access scheme is considered, in which nodes must schedule their transmissions by selecting frequency channels from a limited set in an interference-free fashion.

In our earlier work, we had developed a set of algorithms for determining end-to-end unicast paths based on link metrics. We argue that in order to address the effects of limited frequency resources, such algorithms must be coupled with channel allocation mechanisms for providing conflict free frequency assignments over selected routing paths.

To these ends, we propose a set of link metrics for selecting candidate routing paths and a set of heuristics for frequency allocation. We evaluate their performance using our detailed simulation model.

Energy-efficient Routing for Connection-Oriented Traffic in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks (CSHCN TR 2001-8) by Anastassios Michail and Anthony Ephremides

We address the problem of routing connection-oriented traffic in wireless ad-hoc networks with energy efficiency. We outline the trade-offs that arise by the flexibility of wireless nodes to transmit at different power levels and define a framework for formulating the problem of session routing from the perspective of energy expenditure.

A set of heuristics are developed for determining end-to-end unicast paths with sufficient bandwidth and transceiver resources, in which nodes use local information in order to select their transmission power and bandwidth allocation. We propose a set of metrics that associate each link transmission with a cost and consider both the cases of plentiful and limited bandwidth resources, the latter jointly with a set of channel allocation algorithms.

Performance is captured by call blocking probability and average consumed energy. A detailed simulation model has been developed and used to evaluate the algorithms for a variety of networks.


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