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Papers resulting from CSHCN-related research are periodically added to the Institute for Systems Research Technical Report Database where they can be browsed by year or searched by author or keywords.


A Multilevel ON/OFF Model for Multifractal Internet Traffic (CSHCN TR 2002-5) by Jia-Shiang Jou, John S. Baras

In this paper, an open-loop multilevel ON/OFF model is proposed to capture the multifractal behavior of the HTTP traffic on the Internet. It is assumed that the life time of a TCP session and the active time of a burst within a TCP session have a heavy-tail type distribution. The aggregate traffic of this model is shown to be multifractal. We analyze its second and higher order statistics by the wavelet analysis and develop a simple method to estimate the model parameters from a real Internet trace. We show that real and synthesized traffic produce the same Logscale Diagram with accuracy, for proper selection of the model parameter. Finally, we compare using the NS-2 simulator the queueing behavior of FIFO queues fed by real and synthetic traffic demands.

[DARPA N66001-00-C-8063]


Negotiating Access Control Policies Between Autonomous Domains (CSHCN TR 2002-3) by Vijay G. Bharadwaj, John S. Baras

Autonomous policy domains often need to share resources to accomplish a common task. To do this they must negotiate a common access control policy to the shared resources. We use mathematical techniques from game theory to show that the outcome of such negotiations can often be predicted from the distribution of power among the participants, independent of the actual mechanics of negotiation. We discuss the axiomatic derivation of some game theoretic solution concepts, and illustrate our techniques with examples.

[DARPA F30602-00-2-0510]


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