atemu - TinyOS 'dbg' Patch

Most users of atemu are currently using the TinyOS and nesC operating environment. The TinyOS framework allows debug messages to be printed to the console during TOSSIM simulations. A small patch must be applied to the TinyOS source for these debuging messages to work with atemu.

To apply the patch:

  1. Download the patch from here.
  2. Within the tinyos-1.x directory, simply execute:
    % patch -p1 < tinyos-dbg.h.patch
  3. Open apps/Makelocal (which may not exist yet) and add the line:
    LDFLAGS := $(LDFLAGS) -lprintf_flt -lm
  4. Once the patch is applied, compile those TinyOS programs you would like to debug with the 'debug' parameter (eg. make debug mica2).